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Established in 1998, we have provided driver’s education to thousands of individuals, including young adults, professionals, spouses and families and newcomers to Canada. Our expertise lies in taking into consideration the needs of each student, and designing courses that can benefit drivers of any skill level.

Our mandate includes a commitment to the student first, providing an environment where professionalism, security, and comfort are top priorities. We appreciate the responsibility of teaching you some of the most important skills you will learn in your life and take that responsibility very seriously. We know that unlike most lessons that we take in our lives, quality driving courses have the potential to save a life on a daily basis.


The Access difference

Our team of instructors: 
Our instructors are amongst the most highly trained professional driving instructors in the field. After completing a mandatory certification course by the AQTr, we continue their training in-house based on the principles of our school. We also recognize that the personality of the instructor is as important as his training, which is why friendliness, patience and enthusiasm are requirements for members of our team.

Effective training programs:
Instead of just putting you behind the wheel and having you drive around aimlessly for an hour, we take great care in designing courses that will help you in mastering the notions and applications of defensive driving and security. Our instructors evaluate your needs and provide a dynamic experience through various practical scenarios and exercises to establish a sense of conscientiousness and autonomy. 



Get your license faster!

High success rates:
‘Effective training programs’ means your chances of passing your driver’s license exam on the 1st try are much higher! Our program is broken down in the student handbook you receive, giving you constant feedback on your progress; by the end of the course you will be more than ready to face the driver’s license exam with confidence!

Drive sooner:
Since we are certified by the Quebec Safety League, you will automatically receive a 4 month reduction on the mandatory waiting time to get your license (this means 8 months wait instead of 12).

*Please note that this time reduction is only applicable for students who fall under the old law i.e. they received their learner’s permit before Jan 17 2010.


More for less

At Access we are always committed to giving you more, and this includes more savings! Our pricing is always very competitive. Even further rebates can be found on the promotions page.

We offer extended hours of operation to meet the demands of even the busiest schedules. You can book courses in the mornings, afternoon or evenings – 7 days a week!



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