4 Tips for a Parent Teaching Their Kid to Drive

August 14, 2017
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It’s a moment that children look forward to for years and parents usually dread – getting the keys to the car. A teenager driving can be a scary thought but when you take the opportunity to teach them to drive well, it will be a positive experience for all. Here are 4 tips for a parent to help their child learn to drive.

1. Start with the Basics

When you start teaching your child to drive, start with the basics.  Make sure he understands the basics of the car, how to start it and set the mirrors and seat position. Then explain the route you are taking, what you expect of them and what they should be aware of. Be sure to start lessons in daylight on a day with good weather. Remember that experience is the only way to truly become a safe driver.

2. Give them a Lot of Opportunities to Practice

No matter how many times you explain the rules of the road, nothing compares to actually getting behind the wheel and driving. You go at the grocery shopping, your child drive. You should to drive someone somewhere, ask your child to take you there. The more you can encourage them to practice driving, the better the driver they will become. 

3. Share your Knowledge and Experience

Teaching a teenager driver involves a lot more than making sure they know to come to a complete stop at a stop sign. One of the best ways to give your child the best foundation of knowledge is to share what you have learned. Tell her real stories of times that have happened to you while driving, both good and bad.

4. Take Pleasure in the Experience

Teaching your child to drive is a rite of passage for parents and kids alike. Finally, what matters in learning how to drive is that it is simple and enjoyable for both parties. You have a great opportunity to create beautiful memories with your child. While some are anxious to leave the wheel to their child, make sure to make the moment light and fun. You will feel calmer - and your child will be safe!

In addition to your own driving experience, your child will have to take a certified driving course to teach them all the theory and practice of safe driving. From St-Lazare to Dorval, via Lachine and Vaudreuil, Access Driving School has 7 schools to better serve you. Take your child's first lesson today!

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