5 Tips to Save Money on Gas

March 28, 2016
5 Tips to Save Money on Gas

Did you know that there are several simple ways to reduce your fuel consumption while saving on gas expenses?

The following tips will certainly help you avoid excessive gas consumption.

  1. Verify your tire pressure

    Tires that aren’t inflated correctly can lead to a whopping 20% increase in fuel consumption and under-inflated tires are simply much less efficient. Make sure to check your tire pressure as least once a month!
  2. Don’t  run idle

    An idling engine burns approximately a gas liter each hour. Do not let your vehicle engine running unnecessarily. However warm your engine up before driving off, especially in winter – only one minute is recommended
  3. Be careful

    Slow down a little, and add both to your personal safety and others, while improving your fuel consumption. Also, minimizes sudden braking and acceleration for significant fuel economy.
  4. Avoid excessive storage

    Don’t use your car as a moving closet. If you don’t need it, don’t carry it. Sports equipment and textbooks – eliminates these elements that add weight and increase your fuel consumption.
  5. Maintain your vehicle

    Save money with minimum maintenance and enjoy the ride in a clean environment while you optimize your bank account. Small repairs can be fixed before they become major expenses. Remember that a well-maintained vehicle runs efficiently while consuming less fuel.

In short, these five small gestures will make a difference in your fuel consumption!

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