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July 14, 2017
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Your child will soon begin his driving course and, as a parent, it is sometimes difficult to correctly show the basic techniques of driving. In addition to his classes, your young will need to practise regularly in order to adapt to driving a car, especially when it comes to a manual auto. In this case, your child will need to know a few steps to ensure good driving habits. In this article, learn some tips to pass him before his first course!

Starting a Car

Young drivers are prone to making mistakes while starting a car because they release the clutch pedal quickly and with a small amount of gas which causes the engine to stop working. Your child should keep its foot on the clutch pedal for a few seconds and then slowly release it to help stabilize the car.

Diesel engines are the perfect solution for learner drivers as they are a little bit easier to start than the petrol ones.

Using the clutch pedal

Stifling the engine of his car is probably the difficulty of any learner driver who discovers the manual. If the clutch pedal is not pressed at the right moment, the car will stop.

In addition, if your beginner presses the accelerator before releasing the clutch pedal, this will result in a shorter transmission life.

Simply pressing the clutch pedal while driving can affect the gears of the car. You should only press when necessary to move up or down.

Using the Gearbox

It is by listening to the sound of the engine that your learner driver can make sure to change the speeds at the time. He will have to learn to handle the shifts correctly so as not to shake the car's engine. Then, lowering the speed at the appropriate time will also allow the auto not to go out.

Ready to drive?

In short, parents often influence the behavior of their children. When they are learning, it is the perfect time to teach them safety and good driving skills. In addition to your help, your child will have to follow a quality driving course that will allow him to gain faith and adapt his driving to the hazards of the road. Access Driving School has a team of experienced driving instructors that will help your young learn safe driving, maintaining their vehicle and the potential dangers of the road. Find out more about driving lessons today!


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