The Advantages and Constraints of Electric Cars

June 22, 2016
The Advantages and Constraints of Electric Cars

Electric cars have been on the market for a few years now, but they’re becoming increasingly popular for a number of reasons. Several advantages and constraints are associated with driving an electric car. Here are a few.

The advantages associated with electric cars:

Fuel economy

You no longer have to worry about fuel prices and the budget allocated to it which varies on average from $2,000 to $4,000 annually. Electric cars run solely on electricity, so you’ll quite literally never need to pull into a gas station again.

Environmental responsibility

Electric cars are eco-friendly. Some gasoline-powered automobiles are low hydrocarbon emission vehicles, but electric vehicles have no carbon emissions. If you’re concerned about the environmental consequences caused by this type of emission, an electric car is the right choice for you.


Because electric vehicles require less maintenance than gasoline cars, mechanical visits are a lot less frequent, and the maintenance costs are reduced by about 25%.

Eligibility for a discount

With purchase or lease of an electric car, you’ll qualify for a discount. Check out the discounts offered by the Drive Electric Program.

The constraints associated with electric cars:

Cost of purchase

Electric cars are expensive. The technology is still relatively new, making the cost of an electric car around 25% higher than the cost of a gas-powered vehicle of a comparable size.

Additional costs

Consider some additional expenses when buying or leasing an electric car. You’ll probably need to install a home charging station since you can’t connect an electric car into a traditional plug. Moreover, although the electricity isn’t free, don’t worry its cost is lower than the fuel.

Distances traveled

The distance traveled with an electric car is currently limited making long trips by car impractical.

Charging time

It takes just a few minutes to gas up your car, but charging an electric car can take up to eight hours.

Drive smarter!

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