The Best Time to Buy a Car

September 20, 2016
The Best Time to Buy a Car

The process of buying a new car can be exciting but also overwhelming in some cases. It can be frustrating to see the price of new cars nowadays. However, knowing when the best time to shop can help you save a significant amount.

When shopping?

Many experts agree that the end of the summer season is the perfect time to get the best price for a new car. Since many car dealerships receive new models at this time, they wish to dispose of the model year. So you could get cash back, low interest rate and other interesting deductions can significantly reduce the purchase price.

Fall and early winter are the seasons during which it is advisable to purchase a new car because the deals are beneficial. Indeed, not only the dealers wish to dispose of models this year, but they also seek to achieve their annual sales targets. Similarly, shop at the end is a good strategy since vendors seek to achieve their monthly sales goals.

Times to avoid!

With the return of warm weather, spring is usually the time of year the busiest for auto dealers. Due to the large number of potential customers, sellers are less open to negotiation.

Know that the day and time are also to consider when shopping for a new car. Weekends and lunch hours are very busy, they are best avoided.

In short, what is most important to remember when looking to purchase a new vehicle or even used is to avoid impulsive decisions. Take the time to create a budget and stick to it especially. Before undertaking any action, get your license by registering for a course with Access Driving School


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