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The mandatory Class 6A driving course is now
available at Access! 

This is a combination of Online theory courses,
closed circuit courses and open road hours on a motorcycle.
We also offer practical courses for those
who already hold a learner's permit and want to freshen up and practice!
Automobile License
Motorcycle License

For a new generation of drivers

Minimum Age: 16
The driving course is mandatory in Quebec. It is the first step toward obtaining your driver's license.

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Step 1

It's pretty simple, here’s how it works: once you register with the driving school you will have access to the preparation for the first theory exam to get your 6R license (we suggest you book this with the SAAQ right away!). Passing this test allows you to schedule your first online theory class with us to prepare you for the closed circuit courses (this is on a closed track doing exercises which is located at John Abbott College in St Anne).

Step 2

Following that theory class, you will be able to schedule the 4 closed circuit courses of 4h each . During this process, The second theory class, which is the preparation for the Open Road circuit courses, will need to be completed before you can go on with the next step.

Step 3

Finally, you will need to complete 10hrs of on-road practice. We schedule it in 3 sessions. and you’re done! After completing the course, you’ll be able to schedule your closed circuit exam at the SAAQ for the 6A learner’s permit. Passing this test means you can officially start riding your bike alone! You must hold the permit for a minimum of 11 months before going for your final road test. The 6A learners permit comes with certain restrictions like no passenger on the bike, curfew between 12am to 6am and a zero tolerance for alcohol.




Ready for the road

Our students are armed for real life challenges. Defensive driving skills, hazard identification training and vehicle maintenance knowledge set our graduates apart from the rest.

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Closed circuit exercises:
Learn how to handle a motorcycle, perform basic maneuvers and practice hazard reaction!

Open Circuit (On Road) courses:
Hit the road and apply the skills you practiced on the closed track for group driving sessions

Defensive driving:
Learn how to manage the space around your bike, how to be prepared for the unexpected, how to reduce risk and much more for an accident free driving record!



Skills for Life!

A driving school's role is to frame a complete foundation of knowledge for one of the most important skills you will ever learn.


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