Be Safe This Winter

November 14, 2016
Be Safe This Winter

As winter approaches, road safety heightens and everyone needs to be careful. The first step is always changing those car tires. Access Driving School ensures that each student upon graduation knows this. If this is your first winter with a car, then you’re maybe confused on how to go about getting your tires changed. Don't be afraid to do some research, check out local garages and tire retailers.


Everyone's first question; how much will this cost. Winter tires can be super pricey ($200 each), but if you search the right places then they can actually be very reasonable ($75-120 each). But remember, your winter tires are a safety mechanism and you don't want to cheap out and reap the consequences later on. Whether you shop in stores or online, you can always compare different brands and different prices to find the right tires for you.

All Four?

Yes, you need to change all four of them. Different tires are made for different conditions, such as road types and weather. By putting different types on your car at the same time, you could lose control while driving and injure yourself or someone else.


You should definitely own your winter tires before winter arrives, which means looking into buying them before November so you’re already late if you haven’t made your purchase! Once they're bought you don't need to worry about anything besides getting them changed at the right time. If you change your tires every season, they can last up to five years before needing to buy new ones.

Changing Them

You should get your winter tires put on during the month of November. Initially, you should put them on right before or, at the latest, right after the first snowfall of the year. They can be removed once there is no more ice or snow and spring comes.

Just think, spending a little extra money on winter tires won't only last you up to five years, but will help ensure the safety of your neighbors as well as you and your family’s safety. So make that annual November appointment at your local garage if it isn’t already done and they will get your winter tires on for you within an hour.

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