Distractions while Driving

April 29, 2016
Distractions while Driving

The occurrence of accidents is more likely to happen while there are distractions going on within your car since they prevent you to only focus on the road.

Here are the most common distractions while driving:


Each year, distractions cause approximately 4 million road accidents in North America. If that isn’t enough to scare you out of using your cellphone while driving then consider that when you text or make a phone call while driving, it’s against the law in Canada. If you’re caught using your cellphone while driving in Quebec, your subject to $80-$100 fine as well as four demerit points taken off.

When you text and drive:
Your eyes are away from the road for 4 to 6 seconds. That’s a long time… Try it yourself (on your couch, of course – please!) At 90 km/h, it’s like travelling the length of a football field with your eyes closed.


Although there is no law against changing the wheel radio while you drive, it is definitely something that could cause a distraction while driving. A few seconds of inattention are sufficient to cause a road accident.


While you’re driving all attention should be placed on the road and not on filling your stomach. If you must eat, it is better to stop at a restaurant or even pull over to the side of a road. However, the most common distraction while driving is smoking.


People as well as animals both provide a great distraction while you’re driving. Whether you have a dog barking, a baby crying or friends singing loudly in the backseat of your car, they’re both subject to cause distraction because your concentration will be drawn to the noises in the vehicle.

Texting, changing the radio station, eating, and passengers are all things that are an absolute distraction while you’re driving. Before you engage in any of these activities be sure to consider the consequences associated with each of them. Getting into an accident over any one of these are absolutely avoidable. Be responsible!

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