New Car Buying Guide: 10 Interior Features to Consider

February 18, 2016
New Car Buying Guide: 10 Interior Features to Consider

Choosing a new vehicle might requires some research when it comes to interior features. While you might not need every feature, you should definitely have some preferences. To facilitate your purchase, we have compiled a list of the top ten features you should look for in the interior of your new car before you buy it.

  1. Remote start

    Remote start is extremely useful in cold weather situations, especially if you like your ride to be comfortable.
  2. Remote entry

    Remote entry is becoming more and more advanced. These days, you don't even have to push a button to open the door or start the car if the device is in your pocket.
  3. Back-up camera

    Back-up cameras are awesome if you have to parallel park into a small space. Worrying about hitting one of the cars in front or in back of you is not an issue since you will get an alert right before. However, this feature can be pricey on some models.
  4. Navigation

    In-car navigation lets you put down your phone and have GPS at your fingertips. It can be very useful for those of you who don’t have a good sense of direction!
  5. Automatic temperature control

    Automatic air conditioning and heat control features keep your car continually at the same temperature in any climate.
  6. Cruise control

    For someone who travels a lot, cruise control can be an advantageous option. It is a system that automatically controls the speed of your vehicle.
  7. Bluetooth

    Bluetooth don't seem like much importance, however if your one to travel a fair amount, then it could be an interesting investment.
  8. Heated seats

    Heated seats are great during the winter season, making them a definite consideration especially for Canada’s cold weather climates. Most new cars offer this type of feature as a standard feature.
  9. Leather seats

    Leather seats are easier to clean than cloth seats however you need to keep in mind that leather seats can get very hot or frigidly cold depending on the weather.
  10. Sunroof

    Sunroofs are fun during spring and summer days when you want to feel the sun on your skin and smell the beautiful hot air.

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