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January 17, 2017
safe driving with access driving school


While we all know the basics of driving whether we have our license or not, we still need to be reminded on basic rules and etiquette of driving. A lot of people want to get where they’re going the fastest possible and don’t care who is in their way. Access One driving makes sure that all their students are aware of these small problems before they graduate to ensure the safest drivers.

Yellow Lights

There are always two types of drivers, in the case there are the ones who speed up on yellow and the ones who slow down. A lot of accidents are caused by people who go zipping through yellow lights like they’re still green. Yellow lights are designed specifically to give traffic enough time to come to a halt to let the next sequence of traffic pass through. If you speed through a yellow light, you could easily cut someone off, or worse, crash into someone else.

Check Engine Light

When you notice your check engine light is on, do you get it checked or do you tell yourself that there is nothing wrong with your car? This light comes on for a reason, that reason being that there is a problem with your engine. Would you rather get it checked and have nothing wrong or be driving on a highway and get stuck because your engine has blown? Always remember that you’re better off safe than sorry.

Stop Signs

Those of you who pull the quick slow down and take off at a stop sign might have a big surprise coming to you one day. You may have been lucky so far but if you don’t take your time to stop and look at a stop sign then you’re just asking for an accident. It’s up to you to make sure you and the surrounding cars stay safe.


Texting while driving is today’s number one cause for accidents. With almost everyone now owning a cell phone, the number of people texting and driving has sky rocketed. Remember to never text and drive and always use blue tooth if you absolutely have to use your cell phone.


Our last biggest concern on today’s drivers would be either not stopping at pedestrian crossings at all or not stopping at the right time. If you pass right through you could get a fine and if you stop too abruptly then the cars behind won’t have enough warning time. Make sure you’re smart when you stop for pedestrians.

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