Some Tips for Driving in the Rain

July 20, 2016
Some Tips for Driving in the Rain

During summer, many of us plan road trips to magnificent destinations, and the road conditions are generally favorable. However, it is sometimes necessary to change our behavior behind the wheel, for example, in rainy circumstances. Following are height precautions you’ll want to take when driving in the rain.

1. Slow down

We’re all a little tempted to exceed the speed limit, especially when the sun is shining and the road is clear. However, respect for speed limits is imperative at all time and especially when it rains. Be careful, no matter the road conditions!

2. Check your wipers

At the beginning of the summer, you’ll want to make sure your wipers are still in good shape and able to effectively remove the water from your windshield. If it’s not the case, replace them.

3. Also check your tires

Make sure they’re inflated properly, and there are no visible cracks or damage. Additionally, check your tire’s wear. Finally, for both safety and perform, use summer tires during summertime.

4. Turn on your headlights

When it's raining out, your headlights provide better visibility and also reduce the risk of accident.

5. Maintain a safe distance

Maintain a safe distance with the car in front of you because it takes longer to brake when the roadway is wet.

6. Don’t use cruise control

In the rain, it’s potentially dangerous to use the cruise control. If you start hydroplaning, the car will interpret that as a loss of power and will speed up.

7. Avoid potholes

Potholes can damage your car. Moreover, when they are filled with water, you can’t tell how deep they are. If possible, avoiding potholes is a wise decision.

8. Pull over if you have to

During torrential downpours, your vision field is severely restricted. In this situation, pull into a safe place, and take the road when the temperature is more lenient.
If you have to stop on the edge of a road, be sure to activate your emergency flashers.

What if hydroplaning?

First, remain calm. Then slowly release the accelerator, and brakes gently obviously directing the vehicle to the right direction. If you need a refresher course before taking the SAAQ driving test, do not hesitate to contact  Access Driving School.

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